Let me be yours forever

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She was going straight to hell.

The lie that’d spilled out of her mouth earlier at the court house was giving her a one way ticket to hell.I hate you?more like i’m so attracted to you and have to hide behind the lie.Why’d he have to be so handsome?ugh!Why did he affect her so strongly?even now,sitting by her mother’s hospital bed,holding Davis’ hand,she could feel it,her lady parts were throbbing with need,and her face was flushed.she hoped no one noticed her state of want.What was he doing to her?she sneaked a peek at him,he loked calm and colected,realy concentrating on what her mom was saying.

“I am slightly offended that i was not invited to the wedding,but i understand your reasoning.I am only letting it slide coz you said I could take part in the church wedding preparations,son.”huh?church wedding?

“Of course,you can even take your daughter dress shopping once you are better.”Davis said in a rather serious tone.

“I do not think a second wedding is required,Davis.”i insisted between clenched teeth.

“We already discussed this love,”he said to me before turning to my mom”i’m sorry ma’am,we still have a difference in opinion when it comes to the matter.”umm,no we don’t?

“You are my son now,no need to be formal with me,call me Anna.Baby,he’s your husband now and he put your childhood dream of a church wedding to consideration,let him fulfill it.”

“Mom that’s going to be expensive.”

“Do not worry about the expenses,i am fully capable of taking care of it.”Davis said as i turned to glare at him.I was about to shoot his idea down when i heard a sniffling sound.

“Mom, why are you crying,should i call the doctor?”I asked as i went to get up from my seat only for her to hold my hand.

“No silly,i’m just so happy that you’ve found someone to take care of you,my girl.I was worried you were going to drive yourself to an early death with taking care of us and now?now i don’t have to worry anymore because your man’s gonna care for you.”she sniffed again

“Oh mom,i am also grateful.”i hugged her on her bed.

“When’s the second wedding?”Fiona,who’d been quiet the whole time asked.

“in three weeks time,right after our honeymoon.”honeymoon?what the hell!

“I dont think that’s a good idea,my mom-”

“No worries love,i arranged for a stay-in nurse since the doc said she can be discharged anyday,i also settled the bills and bought your drugs.”

“of course you did.”i said dryly.He smiled at me before turning back to mom.

“Anna,we’ll take you home tomorrow morning before we leave for the airport.”he placed a kiss on the back of mom’s hand. “i will drop you home so you can pack for tomorrow.That good?”

“Perfect,i can stay the night there since i’m going to help fiona prepare the house for mom’s discharge tomorrow.”

“Of course,no problem.”he said between clenched teeth.

“Goodnight mom”Everyone said their goodnights before we left the hospital.My mom was genuinely happy for once since dad had passed away,her happiness was worth my decision to marry Davis.


Let me be yours forever

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Monica Bea was not at all what he’d imagined,not even the numerous pictures he had of her could do her justice.Damn,the woman was driving him crazier than her photos ever managed to.He’d thought this would be an emotionless exchange between him and John Bea until he’d seen her pictures,such beauty,the tenderness in her eyes could bring a man to his knees,and her lips…Damn,so plump and naturally pouty.He was seeing her full form for the first time since most of her photos were of her upper half,her soft curves were gorgeous.And by the look on her face,she also liked what she was seeing.
“You must be Fiona,i’ve heard so much about you from your sister.”he held out his hand to her as he slid his other arm around Monica.This was part of her request,that they act like a normal couple in front of her family to avoid suspicion.He’d held off meeting her just to hold the upper arm in this arrangement.The girl took his hand gingerly and shook it.”i can’t say the same about you since Moni has never mentioned you.”
“it’s okay baby,”i tell Monica,gently pulling her closer,i could get used to feeling her against me.”i’m the one who insisted on the privacy,Fiona.I am a very private man,and when i took a liking towards your sister,i decided we keep it secret to not only protect her but also her family.”
“Protect from what?”she asks.
“I am a very powerful and rich man,with the great wealth i’ve made over the years,i’ve also made enemies who would want to bring me down in every way possible.I had to ensure your safety before we made an announcement and what better way to make one than this.”
“Can we talk?”Monica,my wife-to-be asked tugging on my coat.
“Of course,love.”i answered leading her towards the exit.”what is the matter?”
“so you are Davis Anders?The man i am apparently marrying?”Fuck!she had the voice of a siren,clearer than she sounded on the phone.
“That’s me.We have about two minutes before we’re married,so…”

She eyes me warily with her nose scrunched.Adorable.she openedher mouth as if to say something but decided against it.With a huff she straightened her dress and said,”fine,lets get this over with.”before she could turn to leave,i grabbed her upper arm gently.She startled and looked down to where my hand held her,”since we’re doing this you might as well know that i dont like to be touched.”i looked at her a little longer before i pulled her closer to me.

“Am all in to this marriage,love,i will do everything it takes to make it work.Touch,now that’s something you’ll have to deal with coz there is going to be lots of it”

“i hate you.”she spat out before yanking her arm out of my grip then turned and went back into the court house.

Whenever i had thought about settling down,i had pictured my wedding day as a small but happy occation…Not a sullen occation where my wife recited her vows at the brink of tears while my sister-in-law threw me murderous looks every now and then.All in all,i got to marry the most beautiful woman and even if she hated me,it was my ring on her finger.Monica Anders was now my wife and i’d ensure,even if it was the last thing i did,that she was happy.

Let me be yours forever

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“There’s still time Moni,please end this madness.You don’t even know this guy.”Her sister,Fiona,had been pressing her to call off this farce but she could’nt.Fiona was too young to even understand what was happening.
“Fi,you don’t understand,this is our only option,we don’t have much time…Mom’s health is slowly deteriorating,her hospital bills have piled up and you,you have to go back to school at some point.I cant do this alone.”This guy,Davis Anders was their last hope.Of course Monica Bea wasn’t about to tell her sister where she’d met him.
“You once said you would get married with mom present,what changed?”A lot,Monica thought,a lot had changed for them and her waitress job was not generating enough to take care of all the debts their father had left them drowning in.He’d gambled away everything and mixed up with the wrong people and now,they wanted their money back.With their father dead and thei mom in hospital,she was the one they approached.

No one else knew of these debts their father had accumulated,she could’nt break their mom’s already weak heart and could not burden her little sister with all that had happened.She could not allow her mom to witness her getting married to Davis Anders because it hurt too much to think of of the reason for this marriage taking place.Her father had gambled her away to Davis,her fate had been sealed when she recieved the letter stating how much she’d owe Davis if she decided not to marry him.It had also stated that all of father’s debts would be taken care of,her mom and sister would be taken care of.
“You know she can’t attend Fi,and besides Davis is a good person.”She’d only spoken to him on the phone,he’d arranged everything and told her where to meet him.
“Realy,how come you’ve never brought him up?mom does not know him,i knew of him yesterday,Moni.How’d you meet him?”A voice cleared behind them and they both turned their attention to the man that’d just entered the court house.Damn,talk about hot!The guy was all muscles and no ounce of fat,he had on a pair of white designer shoes to go with an equally white pristine designer suit.she dragged her eyes up to a pair of brown eyes trained dirrectly at her,the guy exumed an air of authority as he took her in from head to toe.his lips lifted up up to a toe-curling smile that almost left her gasping for air and begging her lady luck to let this be Davis.


It has been almost two years since i shared my unpublished stories with anyone,so i thought to myself “why not share it with people who don’t know you online or blog about it?”so here i am,about to do just that.I will be writing short romance of my own and all you readers have to do is like them for me,you can also send requests if you need me to continue with a specific and also feel free to express you opinions on them…